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Saturday, 2 April 2011

To shop or not to shop?

Hi guys,

Today I wanted to go shopping, but the weather has put paid to that so I decided to do some web browsing instead, which can be extremely dangerous as I don't always have the very necessary restraint to buy everything I click on or see, which is why I stayed away from ebay! Although I am panicking slightly as  I'm going to a wedding in less than 2 weeks and still have nothing to wear, at the moment I'll be going in my birthday suit which is not a pretty site I can tell you! hopefully by april 14th I'll found something to wear even if it is just a fig leaf to cover my modesty!
I just love these sunnie g's


Pink Frame Large Round Sunglasses
Knot Detail Large Sunglasses

If only I had any money, I will get them soon :)

Ttfn xx

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