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Monday, 18 April 2011

Wedding bells

I know its a bit of a cliche but the wedding was just lovely, the dress was beautiful and I know people always say that (mostly because they don't want to offend) but this time it genuinely was beautiful, granted I had seen pics of it before the big day sometimes things look so much better in the flesh. Although the weekend in general wasn't without its dramas for example having to go dress shopping the day before the wedding as I found out, even at 26 I'm not too old to be told very firmly by my father 'you're not wearing that!' on the plus side I did get a new dress and new shoes out of the deal so really can't complain about it! The next drama was the hotel, we phoned the hotel that I was SUPPOSED (and yes capitals are needed here) to be staying for 2 nights, only to find out that they hadn't booked me in, even though it had been booked months ago when the happy couple first got engaged. After much postering and phoning back and forth the hotel in question found me a room in a bed and breakfast called the white horse http://www.whitehorsebrancaster.co.uk/ which not only was cheaper but actually a nicer place to stay in general, I only stayed there for a night though and lucked out with my next hotel room at a place called the railway inn, http://www.hostearms.co.uk/Railway/Accommodation.asp the bathroom can't be seen in this pic but it had the biggest shower head I've ever seen and a beautiful big brass sink, it might seem odd describing a sink as beautiful but it was like a work of art. Also not seen is the semi private sitting room and the 42inch plasma TV that adorned the wall opposite the bed. Although I dispute what they consider to be good value, they did do a deal for the room as it was their mistake. In total this weekend I have stayed in 4 different beds, taken one coach trip, one bus trip, numerous car journeys and three train rides, all for a family wedding!    

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