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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

In Hot Water

As many people will now know that Jack Wills has landed itself in hot water today and for the apparently 'overtly sexual' nature of some of the images in the new catalogue, I don't what other people think about this, but I just don't get whats wrong with the images, as far as I can see they are done in taste and frankly people should stop being so prudish, what do they think happens at university (besides learning) and it begs the question whats the difference between these images and those seen in newspapers like The Sun and The Daily Star, people complaining about the images are worried that young teenagers will see these images. As a nation shouldn't we be more worried about the images of topless girls in the affore mentioned papers adding to the idea that its ok to objectify women as sex objects and these papers are available on newstands up and down the country, whereas Jack Wills put in place measures to make sure that over 18's only get to view the catalogue and I think they should be given credit for that. 

Personally I couldn't care less whether Jack Wills publishes nearly naked photos or if they don't, afterall they are just doing what every other fashion brand is trying to do, which is sell their clothes and it's commonly known that sex definately sells, whether people like it or not.  

I'd love to know what others think about this,

Ttfn xx

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  1. I agree with you. If people don't like it then don't look.