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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Same old, same old!

While doing research for my blog I thought I’d look at the websites of some of the designers that are ‘hot’ right now and the first one that popped into my head and don’t really know why was Alexander Wang and I looked at his Ready to Wear Collection. Ready to Wear is a bit of an odd name for collection really, sorry for pointing out the obvious, but aren’t all clothes Ready to Wear when you buy them. Although my idea of ‘Ready to Wear’ is somewhat cheaper than hundreds of dollars that Alexander Wang charges for example $325 for a tank top that looks like it’s only half finished! I know that designers  don’t always seem that they live in the same world as the rest of us non-designer folk but isn’t it about time they started, after all isn’t fashion about reaching people that wouldn’t normally get to wear clothes by designers as most the population don’t have access to a bank account that resembles a bottomless pit.   I certainly don’t know of that many people who can afford to throw their hard earn cash at something that they not only can get cheaper on the high street,  but also one that would look better too. Also part of the collection is an oversized shirt – which after however many seasons feels like its been done to death, aren’t designers supposed create new trends not just rehash old ones and isn’t that just a little bit lazy, just because you make the sleeves short doesn’t make it new. Shouldn’t designers do what they are paid to do and design. 

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