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Friday, 8 April 2011

Swap Shop

Today I had a bit of an epiphany, ok, so epiphany may be a bit strong but it was definately a lightbulb moment, I decided that I would do my bit for the planet, so rather than buying a load of new clothes and spending money I don't really have, I'm going to host a clothes swapping party, heres the dilemma though do I try and make some money out of it or I do not? Afterall I'm not entirely sure how much I'd make anyway.  Does wanting to make money out of what is essentially charity make it less of a worthy thing to do. When I do organise it I'll put the pictures on the blog.

Apart from my lightbulb moment this morning I've spent today getting stuff ready for next week as I have two really important events taking place next week, on monday I start a new job which I'm kind of panicking about really as I don't have ANY nice office clothes so major shopping spree needed and the other really important thing is my brothers wedding, I'm so looking forward to it and will put up suitable pics of the weekend when I return, I can't wait to see the wedding dress. So today I went window shopping for new office clothes and got very depressed as I realised that since I last bought anything I've gained about 50billion stone! Ok so I exaggerate ever so slightly. It always puts a dampner on trying anything on though and I usually give up and go home, but because the weathers been so good today I couldn't mope around for long.

Ttfn xx 

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