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Monday, 11 April 2011


After what feels like an eternity I finally have the internet back up and running properly, now one the key trends that has caught my eye, is the wide leg trouser and most have prints on them as well and one my favorite pairs is by topshop, they look elegant and could be warn both during in the day and in the evening too, this particular pair are made from 100% silk and the pattern is etched on and are part of the edited collection which is picked weekly by Jaqui Markham. Generally I like the wide leg look, but I think if its done wrong could end up looking a bit clown like, for example this red pair from River Island are right on the edge of that.    

Another spring trend that I loved last year as well is lace and I know its not new but you can do it so many different ways, whether its a subtle touch of lace on the cuff or collar of a shirt/blouse or full on lace overdose, vintage or new. Personally I think vintage is best and I've spent hours trawling the internet searching for the very best vintage sites and what they have to offer and I have to say that I was a little bit disappointed by the sites that I looked at and what people pass off as vintage, I don't know about others but I when I think of vintage I think of the 1920's-1970's, and certainly wouldn't class the 1990's as vintage yet.

However I did find a couple of sites that I liked the first of these is http://www.lovemissdaisy.com/ which offers a wide choice of vintage clothing and homeware as well, the site is easy to navigate and has sub headings for each category, if you don't want clothing you can also buy vintage haberdashery items from the site. The stock is reasonably priced, which I believe is a major draw as sometimes you end up paying over the odds for vintage pieces, for example the bags on the site are priced from £15 - £40. Overall I love the feel of the site and the stock is varied.

Next I looked at http://www.hummingbirdvintage.co.uk/ the sites homepage looks a bit boring, unless you don't mind a whole page of writing about hummingbird vintage and I think alot of people could be easily put off, also the tabs to gain access into the site are small and when in the main area of the site, knowing where to shop the collections could be clearer. also once through to the main marketplace it takes you through to asos marketplace, which makes me think whats the point of having http://www.hummingbirdvintage.co.uk/ in the first place?. One major advantage for me though is the recycle your wardrobe feature that they have on https://marketplace.asos.com/ so you can sell youand r clothes through the website,To list the item costs nothing, there is a selling fee of 10%, in c omparison to ebay where you have to pay both listing and selling fees.

The next site I looked at I stumbled on by accident really as I was looking at the site in general and didn't realise that it had a vintage section, the site in question is http://www.oxfam.org.uk/shop and they clothes from four different decades the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's. The site is easy to use and very well laid out, showcasing pieces from that era and as each piece is unique they are unlikely to have more one, so the pieces are truly one offs.

Ttfn xx

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